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Terra Nutri

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  • Agricultural substrates to feed biological and microrganic activity, promoting balanced absortion of nutrients from the roots to the aerial / leaf structures.
  • Vegetal and mineral raw materials. Pinus tree skin, vermiculite, rice stalks, charcoal, peat and and sand types, fully biodegradable, stable, uniform and inodorous.
  • Phyto-sanitary control over each step of the manufacturing process. Free of patogenes, pests and nematodes.
  • Specific formulations developed under customer's request.


Specific range of agricultural substrates for tube germination seedlings developing wholesome rootstocks and plant basements, later transplanting to seed bags allowing adition of slow-flow, water-solvable fertilizers. Provides high-resistant rooting in consistent clods at optimal drainage.


Wide line of agricultural substrates aiming a variety of vegetable crops from potherbs, leafy greens, coles, bulbs, legumes, cucurbits, to solanaceous and tubers like potatoes, beets, carrots, radishes, etc…Configured to support wielding either with or without fertirrigation on trays or hotbeds at controlled electrical conductivity levels to protect roots in its early development cycle generating highly resistant seedlings with brighter surfaces, ticker aerial mass, lushness, uniformity, adaptability after its transplanting and longer - lasting resistance on the way to the markets.


Drainage-balanced formulations for soil nutrition enrichment consequently providing easier and flexible maintenance of green plants, lawns, flower pots and jardinières.


Wide-range line of agricultural substrates covering practically every type of flower cultures, from seedlings to cuttings, strengthening its basal and aerial structures, providing support to professional, high volume production with greater leaf area, stronger stem and superior resistance to sudden season climate changes.


Covering all steps in production cycle since germination until its cutting stage, assures standardized reproduction and thus superior efficiency in sustained reforestation projects.


Specialty-driven formulations not only for the seedling phase, generating healthful and resistant rooting as well as for the enrichment of the production area soil, responding to growing market quality requirements.


For single or combined species in separate or multi-bags, assures highly pervious, fully consistent blooming as of a suitable nutrients' balanced transportation, resulting in high vigourous and uniform production workbench.


Supporting every nutrition requirement for the development of species, product line ranges from seedlings and cuttings of delicate or heavy fruits to soil conditioners under controlled development environments.

Terra Nutri

Agriculture substrate for seedlings and cuttings

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