Substrates for Seedlings and Cuttings

Terra Nutri offers premium quality agricultural substrates for a full range of protected seedling and cutting cultures, which are configurable to suit a variety of wielding and handling processes.


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Substratos orgânicos de base vegetal e mineral que alimentam a atividade microrgânica e biológica, promovendo melhor distribuição e aproveitamento dos nutrientes desde a estrutura radicular até as camadas superficiais da estrutura aérea e foliar.


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INPAS - Associação Brasileira de Insumos para Agricultura Sustentável
Produzido no Brasil
Pessoas e Conhecimentos

People and Knowledge

Terra Nutri professionals have extensive experience in the areas of research, development, manufacturing and field services for the application of high performance agricultural substrates.

Matéria Prima

Raw Materials

Our sources are carefully seIected through high standard quality requirements as well as for the quality control methods applied since its acceptance on the shop flor to the finished lots in our and accredited labs.

Processos de produção de substratos agrícolas


Terra Nutri produces under careful phytosanitary control, accurate and homogeneous mixes to assure all fundamental technical specs of its products.

Compromisso com nossos clientes


Beyond all the aspects mentioned so far, we couple to our products, responsive field and technical support services so that our customers will achieve the most frօm developing uniform and robust cultures.